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No matter what other tourists tell you about the leniency regarding underage tourists and alcohol, the Thai law is the Thai law. In the United States I could buy aspirin and naproxen over the counter for arthritis. The problem is hat I live in the United States and doctors wont prescribe it here, which is fine because its legal to buy online. The courts may impose comparatively harsh penalties on minor offenders. Check the link in the article that takes you to a page where you can type in the name of the medicine and it will tell you whether you need a special permit or not. Drugs, medicines and plants can be prohibited without exceptions, such as with marijuana, heroin and cocaine, for example. I very much doubt anyone at immigration would question that or make an issue of it. I'll probably contact the embassy though to double check! With that in mind do you still think a letter from my doctor along with the prescription bottle would be sufficient? I am going to Thailand for surgery in December 2016 so I'm trying to do this sooner than later. + Read about the new law on cannabis here. Just wanted to let you know that I spotted a couple of errors you may want to correct. Youll just get a small fine, they may say. Thailands move to legalize the use of cannabis was astonishing to global citizens and the new law is more emphasized on the rehabilitation of the offenders. probation with conditions such as regular reporting to a government officer or completing a drug treatment programme, detention (including in a medical facility), parole, and prohibition from entering specified areas or undertaking certain work. Can I take my prescribed tramadol into Thailand? Yes, but they have immodium and paracetamol readily available here. Get caught with enough to be suspected of selling or exporting (illegally) and you could end up in the slammer: read the story of Richard Crawley and Ashley Vincent Livingston. Hi traveling to Phuket next month with family. I am going to Thailand tomorrow and will be carrying prescription oxycontin. That is a big mistake for two reasons. Which is not more than 3 pill each? Penalties for breaking the law can apply to anyone aged under 18 years. This system was codified in 1805 during the reign of King Rama I and remained in place until Thailand transitioned to a constitutional monarchy following a bloodless revolution in 1932. The original will be more expensive, but I'd trust going with what you are used to taking. The consumption, distribution, and possession of narcotics and any additive medicines are controlled and monitored by the Thailand Office of Narcotic Boards together with other relevant authorities, such as the police. I don't know about the anti-anxiety tablets though. Up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 - 1,000,000 Baht for production, importation or exportation. Key changes include a reduction of penalties, and the removal of minimum sentences, for most drug offences. I take alot of supplements and vitamins. Crimes against the state and offences against the monarchy can also attract the death penalty. Please view the document linked in the post to see if this is mentioned as a controlled substance. Will this need a DR. note to bring a 2 month supply Also Clonazapam a benzodiazapine. [4], According to a statement by the Corrections Department on 18 June 2018, there have been a total of 326 people legally executed under the modern Penal Code since its enactment in 1935, of whom 319 were executed by means of shooting, and seven by lethal injection. However with the largest prison population amongst ASEAN countries, and over 80% of people in prison held for drug offences, due mostly to legal changes in 2002 that increased penalties for possession of small amounts of methamphetamine (the substance for which most people are imprisoned for), reforms are urgently needed. There's other places to visit. - the posology and total amount of medications prescribed These chain pharmacy's are not targeting bodybuilders. The bottom line is that viagra requires a prescription in Thailand, but of course people buy it under the counter and carry it back home. As a result, the Thai governments claims that this change represents a shift from compulsory to voluntary treatment or rehabilitation are hollow. People and places positively benefit from community development initiatives. That way, if there's any questions asked of you, they can't say you haven't tried. If the latter, bring the prescription with you just in case, and not more than 30 day's supply. I've taken plenty of risks in my life and have quite a record. Should I declare it? Try this approach for a more rewarding life: "Hey man, thanks for the helpful post. My partner and I are both on pain medication for medical conditions and injuries. This includes fines and incarceration. Hi Ian, when i go to the homepage it says: Currently the website is under maintenance. In previous comments, you have said codeine is ok to take into Thailand. All the medications available in chain pharmacies are allowed to be sold to the public only from the pharmacist no prescription is required. I have traveled with 1kg of pea protein in a zip lock bag. + Best Visa Run Option, Contact |Privacy Policy|Site Terms & Disclaimer|Media Pack. It appears that in Thailand they require a prescription if they are even available. Some key milestones over the past two years have been discussed on the IDPC blog: The Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) is the body which implements any resolutions of the NCB. Drugs have ravaged working class communities in Thailand and destroyed lives, particularly yaba, the crazy drug, which is a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine. You will need to check the document and determine which category this drug falls under. Intentional homicide rate is virtually identical. The bar owners Rasta bars all working together with the police , its all a big scam. Notable changes include: The amendments establish a new category of offence as a serious drug offence which includes production, import, export, distribution, and possession of drugs, except possession for personal use, as well as conspiring, supporting, assisting, or attempting to commit such offences. In worst case scenario I lose them or run out of the valpam , how do I go about getting more if needed ? Pretty sure you can get Codeine-Paracetemol tablets, but no clue about rohypnol. Can I bring vitamins such at Vitamin B, C, D, Calcium, Multi, Vitalux? I am trying to access their website to get the permit to apply but it just says under construction. Hi, my wife takes Gilenya (Fingolimod) for Multiple Sclerosis. Make sure you ask for the original brand drugs you have back home, as some may offer you a generic brand. Unfortunately the links to the drug checker tool and permit are broken, again! confirm the patients legal authorization to carry those medications for Hi Pornprom, this is only available on prescription. Xanax is another drug that can be bought in many of Thailands pharmacies, as is the case with Valium, Rohypnol and a host of other drugs. I would think that the long arm of the law has its hands full with the current pressure on rounding up the visa overstay crowd and wouldn't extend its maximum effort on shafting a well-meaning tourist and stuffing yet another farang into the already engorged Thai prison system. [12], The Bangkok Post in 2018 asked whether the death penalty should continue to be enforced. Please help. Need an international bank account that holds multiple currencies and lets you transfer, receive & spend wherever you are, with a MasterCard. [1] Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha in 2018 said that the death penalty is necessary to maintain peace and order and deter severe crimes.[2]. 1 ", " 9 '' ", "Death Penalty Database; Thailand 2007-2018", "Majority want continued enforcement of death penalty: Nida Poll", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Capital_punishment_in_Thailand&oldid=1115041815, Articles with failed verification from February 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 9 October 2022, at 15:02. What is it? I don't think it is. For medications containing narcotic drugs of category 2, The official line is: HI I am travelling to Bangkok and Chang Mai. Can it be bought from one of the many modafinil online sellers which ship from a foreign country?. Copyright 2021 Thailand Law | All Rights Reserved. live a little. Dupaquol or something . Do you know of any OTC medications for arthritis that can be obtained easily? Does anyone know if 8 will need a permit and how I would get it? However, the unauthorized possession, consumption, distribution and importation of prescription medicines may also be prohibited. Ahh okay, first of all, thank you for your reply. From everything I've seen it's on the list of drugs that equate to: try to enter with this and enjoy your prison cell. No need to bring viagra into thailand , you can buy Thai sidegra over the counter which is basically identical to viagra , 100% sidenafil citrate , you can also but genuine levitra and cialis in some chemists but not all . But its not legal. I don't think hydrocortisone tablets are on the list of banned substances, so I'm sure you'll be fine. I would ring the Thai Embassy in your country to enquire about the morphine patch. And if caught what do you think would happen? Be sure to consult our property lawyers before doing so. Please check the link in the post that says "Click here to find out if your medication needs a permit.". The case of a person suspected of drug possession tortured to death by police while held in their custody, captured in a video that was widely circulated in August, also raises serious concerns about provisions authorising the police detention of people suspected of drug offences, including up to 24 hours for people suspected of drug use. Anymore abuse and you will be banned from the blog. Given the extensive work by government and civil society organisations on improving the welfare of women incarcerated in Thailand, and reducing their incarceration (women are imprisoned at a higher rate than men for drug offences and Thailand has amongst the worlds highest rates of incarceration of women), the lack of gender-sensitive provisions in the Narcotics Code, e.g. I certainly don't.Then there was the bar on Pee Pee: Everyone smokes there, "no problem, police my friend" says the barman. I have 5 days of zopliclone and travelling back to the uk . is this legal? But my advice is to exercise caution and know the law on what you're buying and carrying. Was it issued as part of a prescription? Under the Narcotics Act of Thailand, narcotics are classified into five categories such as: Category I: Dangerous narcotics such as heroine; Category II: Ordinary narcotics such as morphine, cocaine, codeine, medicinal opium; Category III: Narcotics which are in form of medicinal formula and contain narcotics of Category II as ingredients in accordance with rules prescribed by Minister and published in the Government Gazette. to Thailand. It will be important to monitor the use of judicial discretion and sentencing outcomes, including the extent to which the objective to reduce the numbers of people in prison is being achieved. It's just as easy to stay away from narcotics and people who use them. Funny that 99.9% of people found this post really useful and appreciated the effort, but you on the other hand chose to nitpick and criticize over a couple of spellings.This site is largely a public service. So if you decide to buy marijuana while on holiday in Thailand, youd better be certain it contains only the lawful amount of THC. And where would I find a local doctor? Many thanks. can i take Viagra with me ?? Nonetheless, personal use of drugs remains a criminal offense. I've used one for 4 years. These substances contain chemicals that cause mental or psychological effects. Please select which newsletters you would like to subscibe to. Bring prescription from your doctor. In the development of these vital, life-saving measures and other processes, such as the determination of threshold quantities for possession for personal use, civil society and affected communities, particularly people who use drugs, must be meaningfully included in decision-making and monitoring processes to ensure their effective implementation. Yes, it's illegal. Execution methods have changed over the years. Herbal supplements are usually fine. why risk it. Not looking to get much either. Of the 10 ASEAN nations, only Cambodia and the Philippines have outlawed it, though Laos and Brunei have not conducted executions for decades. Can over the counter vigra be taken into Thailand. We are talking 4 pills . They will force you to miss your flight and then fine you and make you pay for expensive visa. Thank you so much. See here: just wondering if ADHD medicine (concerta) is ok, You get caught with any contemporary stimulantsMethylphenidate, dextroamphetamine, amphetamine sulfate it is prison, This isnt entirely true. The offenses related to drugs are strictly governed under several Thai laws, including the Narcotic Act and Psychotropic Substances Act. Until a new local police chief decided the monthly stipend wasn't enough and sent a message by raiding the bar and arresting the handful of foreigners smoking weed inside. Will I have trouble getting them? Thanks. Why risk it?I'm not sure what you mean by "Good luck and stop trying to apply western logic and practices to the criminals in the police force." is it ok to take through Testosterone Booster Pills For Men supliments or even better can they be bought at health stores in thailand. Under the previous legal provision, possession of category I narcotics could lead to 1 - 10 years imprisonment or fine of THB20,000 - 200,000. International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC). [9], The most recent execution occurred on 18 June 2018, when the death sentence of a 26-year-old man guilty of robbery resulting in death was carried out. Hi thanks for the response! No. They have hundreds of video and audio lessons to help you start speaking Thai today. Thanks anyways. If you have any doubt over the legality of a prescription drug you intend to travel with, get a letter from your doctor to verify your prescription and obtain the necessary IC-2 permit. - a frequent user would probably test positive up to 10 days after last using I use that qualifier because it actually only legalized cannabis that contains less than 0.2% (by weight) of THC, which is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that has an intoxicating effect. Just a not online diazapam question I asked a while back , I had lost / or had stolen from room safe my valpam.I went into a pharmacist in Phuket , either letter from my sister listing the medication I was carrying for epilepsy. Have a read of this post as a prime example: "Our good friend, a French girl, was stopped in Maenam the night before and arrested for a quarter of weed. i take thyroxine & sertraline can i bring these into thailand? Not sure. Cheers. I have generalized anxiety disorder. Find out how to stay safe with these tips. Do I need to fill the form for permission? As far as I can see from the guidelines, these medications are okay to bring. Herbal supplements are fine, as long as they aren't drugs like kratom or marijuana. Oh, I just Googled codeine. Hello, If I fly into Bangkok with my prescriptions of codeine, and alprazalom, they are in original bottles with every bit of information on them doctors name, licence #, my name, and I go into the red lane and declare I have this recommened amout and Thailands immigration say`s no do I get arrested or is it confiscated and I go to my hotel after I go thru the rest of the procedure? I was reading the online and it seems really serious. Anywhere to buy Xanax in Sukhumvit, asoke. Only steroids that are FDA approved are legal to buy over the counter from a licensed pharmacist, with a prescription. My GP advised me I no longer need a letter as long as the medications are in the box with my name and the prescribers name. Long-standing concerns with the state of drug treatment and rehabilitation provision in Thailand abounds, as highlighted again this year by the discovery of wide-ranging abuses against people detained as part of a drug rehabilitation programme in a temple in Kanchanaburi province. I take Oxycotin 10mg (lowest dose) and I take 2 per day. Didnt know there were Boots in Thailand. If you have a prescription you should be fine. I presume these people fly back with these drugs and don't have an issue.You need to check on the rules of your home country and find out what the law is around bringing prescription drugs into the country. The two most important Acts for practical purposes are the Narcotics Act 2522 (1979) and the Psychotropic Substances Act 2518 (1975). I'm getting worried. . Just want to know if I can bring some male enhancement pills(5-6 only) legally without getting into any trouble? It is invaluable to be aware of important aspects of drug and narcotic laws in Thailand in order to protect yourself and avoid hefty fines or imprisonment. Alternative is to wait until you get here, visit a hospital, see a doctor for 500 Baht and get the prescription here. is steriods illegal here?im thinking of buying and sending it to my friend. Where drug crimes are concerned, there are exceedingly strict penalties. Includes his doctor number. I cannot advise that you partake in illegal activities in Thailand. No one will count the pills out, I'm sure. If they contain an amphetamine then no, these would be illegal. [1], Thailand retains the death penalty, but carries it out only sporadically. Psychotropic substances are classified into four schedules as follows: Schedule I: psychotropic substances that are not used for medical purposes and have a high tendency to be improperly used or abused, Schedule II: psychotropic substances that are used for medical purposes and have a high tendency to be improperly used or abused, Schedule III: psychotropic substances that are used for medical purposes and have a moderate tendency to be improperly used or abused, Schedule IV: psychotropic substances that are used for medical purposes and have less tendency to be improperly used or abused compared to Schedule III substances, Schedule 1 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC the active ingredient of cannabis); Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Schedule 2 Ketamine; Ephedrine; Midazolam (Dormicum, Versed etc. - the name and address of the patient For Cannabis under Category 5: From 2-15 years imprisonment and a fine of 200,000 - 1,500,000 Baht for production, importation or exportation. Spell check will do wonders for you. Although I'm quite sure nothing is going to happen to you carrying for these tablets, I can only tell you what the law is and as a responsible person writing online I have to advise that you abide by the law. Its easy to get carried away at a Full Moon Party or club and find yourself with a proposition you wouldn't normally take up. How do they check if we wear underwear or not? is she allowed to bring enough sertraline to cover her trip of 74 days? I really don't know. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. Will I be ok taking nitrofuranton 100mg prescribed antibiotics (14 capsules). , for a further six weeks, my wife has a few medical problems, to say the least, and takes a lot of Prescription Medication. Hi, I am traveling to Phuket for two weeks in November, my doctor has prescribed tramadol for my back pain, do I need a permit? A mid protests and growing international attention, Singapore executed another man on Wednesday for a drug offense. You will need to submit a 'carry in' form. If so, this wouldn't be allowed without prescription. A new bill that will give drug convicts the chance to reduce their jail terms is set to become law, according to the Department of Corrections. I've witnessed and played part in a lot of incidents involving the police in Thailand over the years. Can those just be carried in? The reality is that you would only get tested if you appeared to be intoxicated by drugs, or you were caught with cannabis on you.However, if you are a user and this concerns you, you might be interested to read the information belowA review of data compiled by the US National Drug Court Institute estimated that:- an occasional or first-time user would probably test positive up to four days after last using Please use the link in the post to go to the government website and check the requirements for your medicine. Sorry, by documentation do you mean I HAVE to get a permit - or do I just need a doctors note. the name of the medications and the reason that those medications were Note that when found guilty you can obtain extradition to your home country by the government. But not all coppers are bent, and the bent ones don't get played, they play you until they've had enough of you. On the other hand, severe punishments are still in place to eradicate organized drug crimes. With this you will be fine. People probably do it anyway, but I can't advise it. Submit the application form (see the links below this list). However, always carry your prescription, and a letter from your doctor if possible. If you go through customs with the wrong drug, or get stopped and searched and caught with something you shouldnt have, a great trip could quickly descend into a nightmare. Can l bring this into Thailand and as i'm staying for 30 days then flying to another country can l travel with more than 30 days. The Email address or Password is incorrect, World Nomads Contributor - Tue, 19 Apr 2022. read about lockdowns and border restrictions. In this post I'll cover class A and B prescription dugs, so you can arm yourself with the information you need to travel safely and well within the law. However, bringing it into your home country in such a large quantity may be against the law. Will I be able to bring them as I am in severe pain without them. Capital punishment in Thailand is a legal penalty, and the country is, as of 2021, one of 54 nations to retain capital punishment both in legislation and in practice. dear sir, if some one innocent got caught in drug crime . I guess Thailand wants you to buy meds in Thailand and not bring in your own. My email to the FDA has gone unanswered. Although Thailand appears to be more liberal, becoming the first country in Asia to have legalised the sale and consumption in private of cannabis, Nilawan Pitakpanwong, a member of the Thai. I have a prescription for cannibus from California. All professionally packaged and loaded ready for shipping. For example, for category I drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine, a serious drug offence could lead to a maximum of 15 years imprisonment and THB1.5 million fine (instead of 10 years life imprisonment and a THB1 million 5 million fine for production, import and export, and; life imprisonment and THB 1 million 5 million fine or the death penalty if the offence was for the purpose of distribution, under previous laws). Is this possible? Drug Classification in Thailand Narcotics are classified into five categories under Section 29 of the Narcotics Code, as follows: Category 1: dangerous narcotics such as heroin. However, due to continued changes and development of the country, the law has been revised. If the police find you with non FDA approved steroids you are not going to jail this is ridiculous in fact they wouldn't even know if they were FDA approved or not. Take your prescription with you and it will be no problem. I guess so. The traveler is required to declare the medication he is carrying into or out of Thailand. Bribes/fines are a gamble, and while pretty much a sure thing for a small amount of weed, you can't rely on that anymore.Back in 2008, when I lived in Samui, everyone was smoking weed and everyone took that same attitude that you can just buy your way out of trouble for a small bit of weed. Please can you confirm if I have to get a permit. Failing that, take a screenshot of the website being down and carry that with you when you travel. The first I had a prescription for in the UK and the second are available from Boots in the UK. Next week I am traveling to Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Im Peter. If so, then yes, because it contains natural ingredients. But cannabis smoked or eaten for recreational purposes normally has a much higher THC percentage than that. It has long been known by the lay man in US that recreational drug prohibition is a mode of oppression. Any thoughts on obtaining this drug would be appreciated. Really helpful website that clarifies bringing prescription medication into Thailand while on holiday. Will place it in my check in baggage. i am taking hydrocortisone tablets for adrenal fatigue.I literally only need to bring in about 5 pills of 5mg for 18days travel which i break into a quarter daily.To get a prescription from my doctor probably will be a big hassle as i buy mine online and are the natural form produced by your body.If i brought 5 pills in of hydrocortisone to thailand which is a ridiculously small amount without a prescription and got searched which is also pretty slim chance what would happen.Take them off me or fine or will they not bother.Yes i can leave them at home but will mean that i will feel tired as these pills do help me with fatigue. coocheer chainsaw manual,

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